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The Re-Dreaming

An ordeal it was
the waiting breathlessness in your head
expanding like rising bread
until the bubbles of it
you pounded down literally with your fists.
Waking fitfully.

In a dream you were lost
on a train. No money. No escape. Cocooned.
A lack of destination. A stranger unfamiliar
with and in the landscape.

You awoke. Confused. Sweating.
Anxiety beading and knotting
at your neck and back.
You shook it off and got up to
think instead.

Your decision was to return
to bed
to change the dream.
When you slept again
you re-framed the ending of the dream.
You were going up to strangers. communicating with signs
and gestures. Asking for help, this time. And keeping your eyes
wide open for the part where before you screamed.

You repeated none of the morass of before.
You woke feeling invigorated and wise.
Knowing now sometimes
the worst falsehoods told
are the kind of lies
we tell ourselves about
what we think we cannot do.

Until, in a dream
we surprise ourselves and
do them
To find we have nothing
left to prove.

Copyright May 1, 2013 All Rights Reserved By this Author
Melissa A Howells Meloo Tilt-a-World

This is true. Had a dream about getting trapped on a train
with no money with windows and doors which were glued shut
and did not open until the train stopped at a town where
I knew no one, was penniless, did not speak the language.
I decided I wasn't going to let the negative energy of the
dream affect my day, so I decided to go back to sleep and
change the dreams ending. I was able to do so. And I woke
up feeling triumphant.


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