Walkin on Air


                              A sleeping knight
                              living in the pages
                              history dictates from Middle-Ages
                              awaited is by his retinue,
                              who ensures all honor due
                              is duly paid with high respect
                              and witnessed is by the elect
                              surrounding him from head to toe
                              especially Pinocchio;
                              a Cheshire cat's purring fades in and out
                              like some old soldier down with gout,
                              around the world in 80 days
                              Pass-partout defies delays:
                              a jester climbs ballerina nigh to sit,
                              nobody minds this sweet dimwit;
                              boyish dreams weave magic carpets
                              on which to fly beyond ruin mundane
                              and meander into many brooklets
                              gilded with promise of joy Elaine.

                              "Sleep on my brave and handsome knight
                              let none distract you from your flight…"

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