Walkin on Air

New Life in New Jerusalem

The promises of God
are in his word,
his way is perfect,
which by myself I could not attain.

Yet does he lead me by grace:
he lights my candle,
he makes my path straight,
my darkness is dispersed
by the brightness of his word!

Once I was lost in darkness
looking for that which was not there:
temptation on every side,
moral insufficiency drowning me.

Oh, Jesus, I prayed:
Let me put off my old personality,
I am so tired off sinning.
I would be perfect as you are:
praised be your name,
Jesus, David's Root!

I am a sinner
saved by your grace,
of my own I have no righteousness!

I am cleansed in your blood, Lord Jesus,
therefore am I forgiven
and I can forgive myself as well:
reconciliation at Calvary!

My life began anew
when I prayed the Lord
to come in.

Because I believe in my heart
that it is better
to trust in the Lord
than to put confidence
in fellow humankind,
therefore is Christ Jesus
become my strength and salvation:
the voice of rejoicing
and redemption is heard
in your Tabernacle of my heart,
O, God!

Faith and mercy,
the Lovelight of God
"What is confession without repentance?
What is repentance without change?"

"Create in me a new spirit!"
I prayed.
"Repentance is honorable!
I have come back to you,

I burned to bring with me many to repentance:
I warned the wicked to turn from their idolatry
and fear of death,
their unrighteousness,
lies, theft and witchcraft,
their unbelief, murders and fornication!

Repentance is its own worth!
God's mercy is sufficient for me.

I simply
cannot contain
the concept of compassion
necessary to forgive my sins:
as constantly I had messed up my life,
yet somehow Jesus' love
makes all things work together for good
in spite of my sins!

O! Holy Spirit!
Sing to me
a soft and precious melody
of secrets deep
that breathing bring
our Father's holy prophecy
and fill my heart to overflowing
springs of lovely, blessed truth:
only you and Jesus are worth knowing,
Lovelight has changed me:
God is life's eternal youth!

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New Life in New Jerusalem

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