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 `*+*...`Welcome To My Christian Circle Of Faith* Hope* Love*...`*+*`



*`Inspired by my Grand`Daughter`*
`Dedicated to all Future Generations`


You Are The Dream, I Am The Dreamer
Together We Conquer The Impossible
For In Tomorrow Our Dreams Come True
Made Possible With Love Within You


Dreams Are True Secrets Of 0ur Soul
Created By Inner Desires Of Hope
Without Them Life Holds No Holy Light
A Shell Of Existence Without Insight


Together We Shall Travel The Universe
You The Dream And I The Dreamer
In Creating A Better World Tomorrow
Freeing All Nations Of Godless Sorrow



*©*2009*original copyright reserved:

*©*April*2013*' Revised Excerpts '....
~*Never Ending Circle Of Love Manuscripts' *~
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`Spreading Words of Love` Around the World!


The brief statement below comes from the inspiring
website www.momentoflove.org.
These words are designed to remind us of the common
humanity we share with all people in the world.
Take a moment to read these words slowly
and really feel the beautiful message here.
 By choosing to focus less on what divides us,
and more on what unites us, we can more effectively
 build a brighter future for us all.


A Moment of Love

Every person in the world has a heart.

Every heart has a place within
 that wants only to love and be loved.

Let us connect with that
 place of love in our own heart
 and in the hearts of those around us.

 Let us take a moment now
 to open to the heart connection
 we share with all people through love..

If these words of love helped to open your heart,
 spread the word by forwarding this message
to your friends and loved ones.
You might also enjoy taking a look at the wonderful
website www.momentoflove.org which has an
abundance of inspiring news, stories,
and resources for opening to more love.
Thank you for taking this moment to invite
more heartfelt love
 into our lives and into our world.

Source:`Moment Of Love.org~Transcripts`


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  'Live Every Day With Hope In Your Heart
Leaving Far Behind Memories That Smart
And Pray For A Better Tomorrow To Start!

For God So Loved The World
He Sacrificed His Only Begotten Son
That Who So Ever Believth In His Name
Shall Have Everlasting Life!
'Amen, I Say Unto You!

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