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Inject man-made drivel into the inerrant Word of God.
Induct God Almighty into a fraternity of frauds.
Declare the Bible obsolete; all Jesus prayers must be hushed.
No "Nation Under God" nonsense, our new tag: "In US we trust."

Orchestrate praise to compete with the Spirit's authority.
Discourage inspiration; all must respond in harmony.
Don't fish for men, just farm; ask all to plant a specified seed.
Auction off blessings, planting money will surely meet their needs.

The scripture's creation of man is just mythical chatter,
but man came post-Big-Bang, from soupy inorganic matter.
With no beginning in God, man soon loses sight of his end,
flailing through life controlled by the demons and darkness within.

Allow addictions to dominate lives, fads to set the pace.
Fake integrity but avoid the sacrifices it takes.
Embrace disrespect, disrobe, be profane, impatient and rude.
Declare God's designs as somewhat lacking; get pierced and tattooed.

Destroy other people to gain success, prestige, or to win.
Exhibit your dysfunctions proudly, so others can join in.
Lead with intimidation; eliminate democracy.
Forget God, His Ten Commandments, and silly rules we don't need.

Parent apathetically, neither discipline nor guide.
Caustic germs of violence, sex, and obsessions will abide.
Demand mature deeds and decisions from keen, innocent minds.
Leave a legacy of confusion, chaos and rage behind.

Ignore the wisdom and guidance of age; set old ones aside.
Contributions and accomplishments, forget or vilify.
Experience is froth, to be ridiculed, disrespected.
To move forward, ensure generations are disconnected.

Choose a winner from a line-up; test-drive your potential mates.
Shack-up or trade-up whether fortune, face or fame motivates.
Or choose a same-sex mate or two, according to virtual choice.
Redefine the family, as though God doesn't have a voice.

Racism, sexism and other isms must be maintained.
Without labels and bigotry, hatred and ignorance wane.
Critical to keep others under surveillance and control.
Block their progress so neither party can realize their goals.

Grant ev'ryone the right to bear arms, from sane to psychotic.
Issue automatic weaponry and DIY bomb kits,
not for law enforcement or defense, but for leisure pursuits
to increase the fatalities in crime, slaughter or disputes.

The media must slight intelligence, talent or balance,
dismiss redeeming elements, lest any mind be challenged.
Disrespect, disorder and animation degradation,
violent keys to simple conflict bar peace from a nation.

Script-less banter, starring John Does, called "Reality TV"
Question hovers above the boredom. . . just whose reality?
Mingle infomercials with reruns and sit-coms void of coms
to disguise the death of common sense among the tenant ones.

Medicines must include dangerous chemicals and compounds;
the same for foods. . . add spare body parts recalled due to break-downs.
Longevity of treatments/pills trumps longevity of life.
Medical and convalescent sites, there wellness is denied.

Big Pharma drives medicine; Big Money drives the nation.
Import junk/export jobs. Big Ed Media drives education.
Inflate prices, add fees, but deflate quality and sizing.
Be sure middle/low income people never own anything.

Preoccupy time with gadget groping, gossip gouging tricks,
gaming gripping, worthless distractions with token benefits.
Cause neglect, diversions, intrusions to anesthetize minds
so machinations' technology sets them all behind.

Brass ceilings declare open season on mid and low incomes.
Abscond with fortunes made in trenches, with jobs and futures gone.
Drench them in high interest rates, timeless tuitions, state aids
to relax our anxieties when the middle class soon fades.

Rules are ignored for profit without regard for long-term harm.
poison water, soil, air, and people, the collateral pawns.
Present carelessness guarantees the future's difficulties,
but someone else has to assume those responsibilities.

External enemies celebrate our internal conflicts,
target our vulnerabilities, attack where we're at risk.
But there are still ones among us aware, and some do not sleep.
These pray and plead for God's merciful shield when the nation weeps.

In spite of our arrogant, blatant apostasy of ways,
there is still hope for America's return to better days.
God's plan is no mystery; evidence is both seen and heard.
And He will not tolerate shameful disrespect of His Word.

Except the Lord build a house, the builders work to no avail.
Except the Lord protects a nation, its sentries surely fail.
A simple solution defers the vengeance of prophecies:
pledge allegiance to the cross and the God of its victories!


I have seen the enemy and he is us!

©2000 - 2018 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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