The soul has much to say

Invisible candor...


I'm no longer
by my mortality

You were mine
to have
and to hold

if only for a season

The truth
of my

by looking deep
into your eyes

while sharing our dreams at midnight

We were born
of a
spiritual element

Symmetrical souls
Sensual calibration
Reflective offspring

Children of modern love

Memories of light
swallows small portions
of dark rememberance

I'm older, wiser
Hearing your heart

was all that mattered

My visions
have been

The warmth
of you
can still be felt

within my nocturnal mirage

Soft memoirs
of watching you
rise and set

Chronicles of a day clothed in flesh

I was thankful
and I'm thankful


Knowing I held
the one thing
I couldn't live without

Lasting but for a drop of eternity

Take a minute
Take a lifetime
Selfsame conclusion

will be discovered
as you bare
your essence

We were...once upon a time

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Invisible candor...

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