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Armed Forces Bikers Charity

The Armed Forces Bikers are a mixture of Veteran and serving service personnel specialising in raising money for Veteran's charites.  To date they have raised many thousands of £s for this.   HSVC is a Hull charity running a drop in, help and advice centre for veterans in Hull and East Yorkshire, to which I belong.   On Saturday 11th May the Bikers visited us.

the bikers came with throaty roar
hogs in line by the centre door
kettle on was the call
Standard Nato one and all
pleasant hours of chewing the fat
just the usual veterans chat
pulling legs and pulling chains
back in the mess once again
a generous donation to the centre
gratefully received by the members
then kitted up and on their way
a very pleasant visiting day
hogs in line by the centre door
the bikers left with a throaty roar

Standard Nato - coffee or tea with milk and two sugars

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Armed Forces Bikers Charity