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Old Town Docks

This is a City of the Water
Shaped, moulded, made
By needs and requirements
Of deep sea foreign trade.
Queen's Dock a park and garden,
Now a city centre splash of green,
The nearby old dock offices
Our museum of things marine.

Very close by, in its full view
The skyline has been raped
By a thing of glass,and steel
Brash, and oddly shaped.
Standing in Princes Dock,
A modern shopping mall
Shouting to world I' m here
For profit and profit rules all.

Humber and Railway Docks now
The  Marina, a delight to the eyes,
Crammed full of boats of
Various shapes and size.
A new red brick village nestles
Along the  Railway dock side
Seeming to face the water
With a quiet, satisfied pride.

It's settled and its quiet
Built on a human scale.
Nowadays there, there are
Very few houses up for sale.
Three old City docks now
Each telling a different story,
Only the names reminding
Us of the city's past glory.

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Old Town Docks