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In my mind I'm a cowpoke
Glass of jack in my hand
Watching the two step
To a Texas Swing Band.
I've got Levi's and tooled boots
And a black Stetson hat
Perched atop my head and
I'm a real cool cat.
There's no jingling spurs
Or pistols slapping leather
Just the sound of the couples
Dancing close together.

This place is Hicksville,
Anywhere, Western USA
The time is the present
The date is today.
No hitching rail of horses
Ears twitching in the breeze
Just a big concrete car park
Full of dusty SUVs.
The last notes of swing
Slide down past my ears,
I open my eyes
And reality appears.

No glass of Jack
Just a mug of cold tea;
No roomful of dancers
Just lonely old me.
There'll come a time
But I don't know when
I'll close my eyes
And go back there again.
Slumped in my chair
I know I'll soon find
Hicksville, Anywhere, USA, filed
 Bright and clear in my mind

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