New York or Boston Town

                            New York or Boston Town       May 19, 2013

Boston Town or the Big Apple, I like to move around?
From the Banshee Bar, not very far to the Parlour Bar in the town,
The Green Brigade is with me here on free America's shore
I feel so much at home with bhoys beside me, can you ask for anymore
With Irish and Celtic songs, the old sod don't seem very far
Sometimes think about my land, depends on who you are
On the day you can hear the Celtic songs, the songs I sang at home
The band, the bhoys and the Irish noise, you know you're not alone
You can feel it, just read the wall, the party has begun
I'm in my new land, my country of choice, Ireland my country of birth
Drink a few for you and me with my Celtic family on the day
I celebrate my country old and new, singing songs, I've had a few
No strangers here, just me and the bhoys, I love them one and all
Share a brew with my new found friends, read the messages on the wall
Raise my glass and sing out loud, I'm a Bhoy walking proud and tall
I sing for Ireland and Celtic, our memories we sing and share?
The town we loved, it's my favorite, I miss that gas yard wall
Our heroes that have gone, their cause, we love them all
I'll never walk alone in my new land that's what this wall does say
The bhoys sing the fields of Athenry, when Michael was taken away
The famine and Irish deaths we'll never forget the blight
I feel so at home in America, I'll join them in their fight
I'm swimming in a sea of green, I feel at at home, the best I've ever seen
So proud of my country and my team, this is my bhoyhood dream
Boston town or the Big Apple, I like to move around,
From the Banshee Bar not very far to the Parlour Bar in the town,

Gerrard McGeachy

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