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Browsing pages
Searching friends
Ending chapters
By finding ends.
Some died so young
Some I couldn't find
Some just brief mentions,
All young in my mind.

People of importance
Who probably didn't know
How much I appreciated
How they helped me grow.
Maybe they forgot me
For I was suddenly gone
Didn't get the chance to
Say goodbye to even one.
Close my eyes now
And I can still see,
All laughing and boyish,
All still young to me.
I think about them often
Wish so very much
I had made the effort
To try and stay in touch.
Too many years passed,
Too late for good intentions,
So I browse pages and
Remember with affection.

Enough is enough:
Even after all these years
Looking at the past
Through a film of tears.
Some answers found
To some questions posed:
Now, with reluctance,
Queries closed.

To Flakey Joe, Jack, Jock, Sandy, Smith 595, R.I.P.
To all the others not yet found, hope you are having good lives.
To the FANSI boys reunion and Skype circle, looking forward to meeting again

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