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Societal Directions

I think about life as we know,
And the direction that we go;
Breaking down of society,
People having no dignity.

We are more like a bunch of fools,
No longer in the golden rules;
Since Bibles have dust on the shelves,
As each one is pleasing themselves.

There will be no fiery rain,
If I would say His name in vain;
And by chance the wife right next door,
Started an affair with a lure.

Maybe just take from the neighbors,
His tools since he never labors;
To lie and cheat is a good deal,
Some others just might like to steal.

God first produced Adam and Eve,
And not joining Adam and Steve;
The same thing for Paul and Paula,
Rather than Paula and Carla.

God wanted us to multiply,
Not for a man to love a guy;
If we are gay we should be glad,
Because for God never be sad.

The treasures we enjoy and love,
Might not be coming from above;
Instead tempting you to a spot,
Eternally always quite hot.

Copyright 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Societal Directions