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Drummer Lee Rigby, R.I.P.

A British soldier was killed
By a terrorist's hand
Not on the battlefield,
But In his own homeland.
He survived Afghanistan,
That unwinnable war,
Must have felt safe
Back in London once more.
Let the acts of these maniacs
Not cause dissension and hate
Let the rest of their lives be
Spent as prisoners of the state.
He fought against
The slavery they preach
And the twisted doctrines
That they try to teach.
Rest In Peace Brave Soldier,
Your killers are caught
And their attempt at martyrdom
Foiled and brought to naught.
They have brought on themselves
So much loathing and shame
While The Nation with respect
Remembers and honours your name.

A British soldier, unarmed, was attacked and butchered in a London street by two Muslim Fanatics. 23 May 2013.
Their act has been condemned by the Muslim community.

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Drummer Lee Rigby, R.I.P.