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Where do you go when you feel like your whole world is falling apart
You hurt so bad deep down in your heart
You begin to feel there is no way out
Looking down you see tiny birds all about

Birds moving all around pecking the ground
Quiet as can be not making a sound
They don't stay
They fly away

You hear birds chirp and sing
Glorious music welcoming spring
A baby squirrel scampers up a tree
Looking as happy as can be

A gentle breeze passes by
You gaze up at the clear pale blue sky
So many questions you ask why
You continue on and try

The sun is warming the day
There is no need for dismay
Look at how each blade of grass grows
Giant trees full of mystery who knows

The baby squirrel leaps from limb to limb
Higher and higher he climbs no fear in him
No one knows what tomorrow will bring
Cast troubles to the breeze and listen to music welcoming spring

İMay 24, 2013 Janet Irene Griffin

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