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If there are infinite Universes
There's a chance there could be
Scattered randomly through them
Infinite versions of me.

In some I'd be tall and skinny
In others short and fat,
In some I'd be bareheaded
In others I'd wear a hat.
Perhaps in  that select one
I'd be a stallion of a lover
Sneaking through the woods
Keeping under cover
Trying to avoid the ladies,
Going to any length
For a few solitary hours
Just to regain my strength.

Oh I'd treat them with respect,
Ladies of all shapes and sizes,
Like a buccaneering Captain
Carefully guarding his prizes.
Maybe, just maybe,
I'd be a husband cuckolded,
Henpecked and downtrodden,
Bullied and scolded.
Things are infinite in the infinite
So there's  just a chance
There could be an existence
As a Lord of the Dance.

So much fun in speculation:
Things could be better or worse
But what an exciting concept, that
Of infinite happenstances of our Universe.

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