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At  Blondes

The little pink car,with Barbie
Stencilled on the engine lid,
Parked on The Green
And out the driver slid.
She was blonde and very pretty
All dressed for the part of
A market stall trader and
She stirred a few hearts.
Over the months we would chat
Helping pass away
The sometimes boring hours of
A market trader's day.

Now, more than ten years later
And she hasn't changed a bit,
Still young and pretty
Looking slim and fit,
Standing behind the counter of
Her "Blondes Cafe and Snack Bar"
Not so far from The Green
Where she used to park her car.
So very nice to see her
And to realize
The pleasure in her smile that
Rose from deep down in her eyes.

We chatted and we laughed
Until at last
We'd almost caught up from
All those missing years past
We finished off our coffee
And wandered on our way,
A very pleasant interlude
In a very pleasant day.
So very glad
That we'd passed and seen
"Blondes Cafe and Snack Bar"
So very near old Nottingham Green.

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At Blondes