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It would become one of the most famous battles of WWII
The invasion of Europe on the beaches of Normandy
The French liked the Americans back then very much

They were so overjoyed to see the Allies landing
They had come to free France and the rest of Europe
From the clutches of the worlds worst madmen

They came from all over the world to end this war
Back then the french didn't complain about us
They would soon be a free nation & people again

But the cost in lives lost was extremely high
Mostly young Americans, Canadians & English
They'd driven the Germans back across Europe

The continent rejoiced in their new freedom
To once again be able to enjoy life and liberty
And oh how they thanked the Allied Warriors

They did not yell jeers and spiteful names
They didn't spit on their allied liberators
They were never scorned and called murders

No the world marveled at their accomplishments
These very young kids who had saved the world
They had fought two wars at the same time

One in Europe against the Germans & Italians
The other in the Pacific against the Japanese
Our nation had tried hard to remain peaceful

But when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
It would become known as the Day of Infamy
The United States declared war the next day

Later Germany & Italy declared war on us too
The only thing the Japanese accomplished
Was to awaken a sleeping giant that day

They had also filled it with a great resolve
Which would lead to the liberation of Europe
And also end the reign of the Japanese Empire

These young Americans who answered the call
 left their homes & families to defend freedom
They'd become known as the "Greatest Generation"

They had met the challenges and had freed the world
From those who had murdered millions of civilians
And also enslaved millions more innocent people

How quickly those who were oppressed and enslaved
Have forgotten the great price that this nation paid  
To win back their own countries and their freedom

The honor and the dignity displayed by these men
It will last for hundreds of American generations
It was the lessons they learned throughout history

That gave them the fortitude to meet any challenge
The compassion to care for their fellow humans beings
And they stood tall and proud for their beliefs & God

ę Terry Sasek / Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

I salute the "Greatest Generation" as it was the best generation
the world had ever known to that point in our history and since
then each young American generation has also stepped forward and
served our nation and helped the other free world nations to make
sure that what had happen during the second world war would never
happen again on Earth. I and many others of my generation had all
stepped up and did our part to help maintain freedom in the world.
Since then another generation has stepped up to defend our nation
and freedom in the world as each generation had done in the past
and I salute all of them as well and may God protect them all.

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