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For the Principles of the Red White and Blue

Take a deep breath!
 Listen, can you hear it?
The sound of everlasting,
vigilante silence in the early
morning air.
Thousands of white crosses, one
after another,  with years of ware.
 Out of the shadows, the silence is broken
 by the mournful sound of taps echoes through
 these rolling hills. 
Red Poppies grow nearby with the sound of
a lonely mourning dove’s first cry.
After sixty nine years, once again, we stand
and salute the heroic warriors of yesteryear.
Warriors that courageously fought and die on this
foreign soil, far from home for our freedom and the
principles of the Red White and Blue!
Jackie R. Kays
© 6/7/13
Dedicated to the thousands of brave warriors of World War Two.

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