The Poetic Diary of Loi

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Written by Loi for December 28, 2002

My hair is new and is beautiful
Making me nervous
When I see you boys
Y'all want me
but I just wanna Chuckie
So boys, let me go to Chuckie
And let me see him
You are the best boys, but Chuckie

We can judge who is a winner of the heart
But don't judge me when I want Chuckie
You can't have me when he have me
Give me free

I feel his touch
And his body is too much
too much heat and that is enough
So boys come on me

Wake up, boys
Cos I want to have Chuckie
Wake up, boys
Cos I wanna go out with him
Yeah, yeah

I wanna make Chuckie be mine
Not you, Cos he is so divine
That always wanna see my smile
Can't you see me and him?
If you boys see me and him together,
Then just let me go

Boys, I'm getting close to Chuckie
It is so easy for me to do
And today is the day
for us to go to the school day.