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Runaway Child

A prodigal son, I'll admit I'm blind
But I feel like I've been thrown away
Betrayed, what else can I say,
Praying everyday,
Life keeps playing with my mind
Struggling in the mayhem and madness
Performing on the world's stage,
An inescapable cage,
They got me dressed in sadness
My conscious is trying to cultivate the time
But I gotta stay alert, don't wanna get hurt
Death will do a dude over a dime
There's no hands to help
while another child fades,
Caring eyes are hard to find
Alone in this world, no comfort kept
Forgotten where I slept, Or sweet memories to keep
Black pavement feet, I've already wept
but who else will weep?

Copyrights 2013
Robert Anthony James

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Runaway Child