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In The Deeps

The ocean looks calm
But it's never ever still
Always moving and shifting
To Selene's persistent will.
In the depths of each ocean
Are the bones of ships and men:
Do their shades move to and fro
Hoping for land again?

Do their ghosts ever strive
To escape, to break free
To burst from the bottoms
And reach the surface of that sea?
Can those shades move
Towards ever beckoning land
Or are they ever fettered,
An unhomed, unquiet band?

Mown down by a fickle fate
Wielding a random killing knife'
Subjects of Neptune's kingdom
In their watery afterlife.
Seaweeds wave and sea creatures
Dart across and through the bones,
Perhaps to a serenade of
Deep whales' shrieks and moans.

And the deceptively still ocean
Captures and keeps
Bones of ships and men
In its dark and gloomy deeps.
Selene rules the waves
Which surround and mould the land,
Lapping persistently
Onto the intervening sand.


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In The Deeps