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written by Stella Mitchell 

June 2013 

Like pebbles on the seashore - we roll with
The changing tide - though our lives may touch 
For a fleeting moment - as we flow back and forth -
Side by side - not knowing that we are aiding each 
Other - by the knocks and the scars that appear - as
The rough edges are being smoothed away - by the 
Tides of the changing years .

Such is this life we live - brief spans in the greater
Swell - as the moments of seeming troubles -  all our 
Selfish ways dispel - but when we look at the fuller 
Picture - we can see -  that  there is a better plan - as
Iron sharpens iron - so man sharpens his 
Fellow man .

So I thank you for the scalpel - and the skill of the 
Surgeon's blade - when I see that all was for my  
Good - and the progress I have made - as the pain 
And the tears meld into one - and the salt stings each 
Unguarded wound - one day I will see that the sweat and
The toil - was working together 
For good .

So I will not shrink from the lash of the waves - nor 
Pull away from the hand of a friend - who chooses to 
Walk the stony road - not knowing how far ' til the end -
Then I'll gather the beautiful pebbles - and keep them so
Close to my heart - until the bell tolls - and  the end is 
Near - when it comes for my time 
To depart .


  I often wonder when I look at a pebble ..what shape it
was before it became smooth to the touch , and how 
much had it been pummelled back and forth by the waves ,
hitting against other stones , while the sharp edges were 
being rubbed away .

Such can be our lives as we are being formed into the 
likeness of the Lord ...He knows exactly what we need 
to be transformed ....and the pressure it takes ...

but it is worth it in the end ..

God be with us all in our transformation time .

Stella ><


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