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Sin 2 (let me take you to the dark side)

Let me take you to the dark side
where ruthless riders ride
Bound in distorted ways, Fallen angels,
Creeping in invisible places
Crawling things with man faces
Are these the last days?
Strong hearts can barely abide
These slippery slopes take you in stride
into the deep dark spaces
Where they're taking souls through slave man paces
Inside these cruel walls mercy hides
Praying eyes please go away
A glimmer of hope makes for a long day,
No relief in my heart, let my feet pray
Let me take you to the dark side
Where fear preys, stays in what you see
Steep staircases, stranger than strange strangers
Crawling things peering up from all races
Making wartime plays so vicious
Death cried, Life is the enemy
The mind is a world of its own
Every man's heart made out of shatterproof stone
Begging eyes penning every sad song,
You're on your own
There's nowhere to hide
The things you think you want so bad
Ain't what you thought they would be
The dark side is a ever growing sea

Copyrights 2013
Robert Anthony James

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Sin 2 (let me take you to the dark side)