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Fields Of Blessings

June 16, 2013 photo 0808051646131texas-wildflowers_zpsa785b9a4.jpg

The scent of wild flowers is more powerful,
after being flourished by soft rainfall;
the sun's rays will then be bountiful,
for fields of blessings will prosper all.

When surrounded by wild flowers,
my body and soul absorbs its essence,
like rapturous delight wrapped in a blanket,
comforting me with all its presence.

Stepping into the open fields,
allows me to feel plenty free,
as if all has bloomed just for me,
by Mother Nature's ecstasy.  

My prayers shall continue each day,
to include all loved ones in my plea,
for each to be blessed in every way,
with good health and much glee.

Keeping Hope and Faith strong
for better tomorrows and always!

Yana Petkov
18th June 2013