The soul has much to say

Quiet bellow of my soul...


Never thought
I'd arrive


Steps of a journey
measured by

free will

Whether I run
or crawl

the pace remains the same

My dreams
are reality

in reverse

I've embraced
my gift

now more than ever

God Himself directs
the nightly show

playing in my head

I saw you
last night

in all your glory

My smile told you
your place in my heart

was permanent

I witnessed your tears
alias spring rain

descend so sweetly

this morning

to love and peace

I took the liberty
of asking the sun

to enfold you

Encouraged the green grass
to cool

your beautiful feet

Petitioned the wind
to caress your crown

of ivory

Prayed to the Lord
for your spirit

to be uplifted

And that your pools
of azure

be filled with promise

Laughing out loud
because I underestimated


I no longer own
a black and white


Gray is now
my color

of choice

You once said
with your heart

and your pen

that you would
always and forever

love me

Allow me
to reciprocate

my blue butterfly

I still do
and always


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Quiet bellow of my soul...

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