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The day casts gray
Across the sky
When hope is all the want
You die
When you die
Where do you go
Back to dust
Or the God I know?

You hang on smart
A little strong
My friend, you don't have long
To go into another world
As we all will
When life's fill
Is done and gone

Where only spirit
Will live on
Where time and place
Has no remorse
A place of peace and light
Of course
Where if it rains
It rain's pure gold
Where there is no cancer
And we never get old
When light shines on
In heavenly grace
Too stupid to realize a place

Where we are angels
So it says there
Around a Father on his chair
The life goes back and forth between
God to angel there unseen
A place that's real
Where only feel
For God is there
To share

Heavenly, divinity arising
It's raining soon
I am surmising...

6/18/2013 1155 cj


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