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There's workmen building
A house on the site
Of the old HELIX HOTEL
That once stood next
Door to where I am now.

Marge Dunn told me about that
How one time when she was young
Her family could not make it
To their farm
Because of a snow storm
So they stayed there
Upon this place that's getting
A new house
Where the HELIX HOTEL once stood
I hope they built it good

As I see the spirit of
Young Marg flowing
In her 91 year old mind
A night to be remembered
In her Spring while she's
In Pendleton now
I'll always think of her somehow
My neighbor
Who would tell me the history
Of Helix Town
O how o how o how
I miss Ms. Marge
These parts
To fill the hearts
Of all 'round here
All my life
I'll hold her dear.

Maybe, someday in heaven
When we rise
Marge and I will meet
Again to talk of
Love of
Helix Town
Of workmen building
Some teachers a home
I love Marge
She talked to me
With her here
It was more like home.

6/18/2013 0735 cj

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