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Written June 2013 

by S.C.Mitchell

Like a tiny candle in a shadowed stairwell - I choose
To shine my little light - however dimly lit the steps may be - 
I will keep on glowing in the crevice - through the night - to 
Guide the weary wanderer to a haven safe - where 
Peace can soothe the troubled mind - and bring
Serenity - out of seeming chaos - and oftimes
Silent tragedy .

Or - like a gentle breeze - to cool the fevered brow - of
One whose life has known the buffeting of careless 
Waves - that may have cast their raft onto a hidden 
Reef - and rocky shore - where beating sun has 
Burned its arrows into tender skin - and furrowed 
To the very core - with burdens - that have been 
Too heavy - and too hard 
To bear .

What can we know - of others footprints on their onward
Path ? - or feel the lash of words - that sting - as with a 
Knife - that cuts the heart  - and bleeds with inner strife -
If we have never known of hunger or of thirst - that
Some have suffered - since their 
Day of birth ?

'Tis wise the man - who penned the words - and said -
You cannot enter in another's pain - if in their moccasins 
For two whole moons you've never trod - for how can any 
Other tell of love or loss - or wounded soul - if they have 
Lived a life of bliss - with coffers full - and 
Body whole ?

Oh - how we long for all to live in such a way - where clouds 
And tempests never blur the sun - with dullest grey - and all 
Is well until our final breath - when we return to dust in 
Peaceful throes of death - such luxury this musing seems - 
But - for the most - we relish these - methinks - within our
Fleeting longings - passing thoughts - and 
Shallow dreams .

But - through it all - I choose to shine my little light -
To guide the weary wanderer - safely on the 
Stairwell - in the 
Night .


God bless you all with peace as you travel through 
this world ...

In Jesus' Name 

Stella ><

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