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Written by S.C.Mitchell

June 2013

You cannot look in the face of God - and doubt
That He is there - for liquid love flows from His 
Gaze - that tells you of His care - that burns in 
The recess of your soul - and cleanses away
All the dross -  as the Glory of His Majesty -
replaces all that is
Lost .

Right now - you may be so alone - bereft of 
Loved ones dear - but don't give in to grief my
Friend - as God is always near - and He will 
Take your anguish - and mend your heart that
Is rent in two - and gently He will lift you up -
Console - and cherish 
You .

How can I know to say such things - that I am
Writing here ? - if it were not for my Saviour's 
Love - and His comfort - through the years - that
Have seen me through my troubles - and have 
Kept me from all harm - by lifting me above  
The pounding waves - into His
Mighty arms .

Had I never known of heartache - nor felt the 
Lashings of despair - I may never have known 
Of my Father's love - nor ever felt Him near - but
More than I can care to say - I've known torment -
Trials and pain - but - Heaven's love encouraged 
Me - to forgive - and live and 
Love  Again .


I know that if it wasn't  for the sad and dificult times 
in my life ..I may never have known how much my 
Saviour loves for me and His help to see me through .

My prayer is that you experience the same love and care 
That I have known ..

Turn to the Lord today ...whatever you have need of ..He
will always give what is best for your life .

God bless you .
Stella ><


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