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by S.C.Mitchell ..

Since that first cry from deep within the broken 
Soil - where Abel lay - cast down by Cain - until
This very day - where blood on blood is crying - ' Help
Me God '  - the very earth itself is trembling from the gory 
Weight it bears - crushed - not by drill or steel - but by
The very hate of man for man - drenched in its own life-
Blood - a living hell - of crimson red - and 
Scarlet tears .

What terrors have so many eyes and hearts endured ?
That turns the very marrow into frozen stone - where life 
And love once flickered and then died - as tortured minds
And battered limbs are beaten down - crushed by the debris 
Left by blasted shell - where cowering - they plead for quick 
Release - but getting none - under the forces of  destructive - 
Deadly - Power - devoid of sympathy - and 
Peace .

How can this be - that man has never learnt - that hatred 
Only multiplies and breeds of its own kind -  and never builds
A monument for good - but only tombs - in which the perished 
Lay - from sword or bullet - drone or bombs - the list goes on and
On - or any other way - that is devised to - annihilate  - tear 
Down - destroy - and ultimately -
Throw away . 

Dear God - How long until you hear and answer and avenge -
Those who have died as victims of the Holocaust of hate - and 
Those of genacide - or any  other source  of murderous death - or -
From the greed of man - who - through clenched fists - refuses
To provide - when You have given us a world of vast amounts of
Water - grain and oil - enough for All -and 
More besides.

How Long - Oh GOD - How Long ? 

Before YOU hear and act - How Long ?


I love to write about God's bounteous Grace and goodness to us ,
but this time , I feel I had to write about all those who have suffered 
since time began , and whose blood is crying out from the depths 
of the earth for God to hear and answer .

He does ...and will .

God bless you all 

Stella ><

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