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At The Deep, Hull

It looks like the Titanic sinking
A sight to make you weep
But it's that designer fantasy
Hull's aquarium, the deep.

It stands by Sammy's Point
Staring across the estuary wide
Looking at the Yellow Belly's
Over on the Lincolnshire side.
And when you're inside
It's a magical place;
You can see the wonder reflected
In any visiting child's face.

Look through the plate glass
Into a private inland sea
Davy Jones' locker
Where all the life swims free

In their watery world
There doesn't seem to be a norm
For there are living creatures
Of every size, shape and form.
And for your refreshment
In the cafe if you wish
Amongst all the other things
A portion of chips peas and fish.

It looks like the Titanic sinking
But look at it by night
It's that designer fantasy of
Sparkling glass and coloured light.

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At The Deep, Hull