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 One Page At A Time

Should you open the cover
to pages filled with my lyrics,
you'll be introduced to my life,
my love, my world, my fantasy.

To protect loved ones in defense,
names need not be named,
for much denial is in existence
by many still held close to my heart.

Questions, you may find unanswered,
for I refuse to reveal bloody daggers,
I have surpassed my once elusive dreams,
for reality shall hereforth be heard.

Do not shed any tears, I beg of thee,
tis not my intention to place on thee,
for tis I who's been flooded with tears,
a river that shall defend all else's fears.

Be bold, my dearest readers,
and put a sweet smile upon your face,
I have found peace with harmony,
no longer am I amidst thorns of torture.

In my journal there are stages,
you shall find no blank pages,
for I will go on beyond survival,
with you beside me, tis my revival.

I bid you farewell, for now,
I must keep on going forth,
and unfold rhymes yet to be told.
Keep turning, one page at a time.

Yana "Jana" Petkov
29th August 2006
Edited: 23rd July 2008

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