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444 Lives Later

Four hundred and forty four British lives
Later The Taliban has won
As troops prepare to withdraw from
A task that never could be done,
And politicians will talk
Of pragmatism and peace
At the conference table
Sitting there at their ease.

In spite of the troops'
Conflict sacrifice and bravery
The fanatics will be back,
The women returned to slavery.
They will have their treaty
With talk of honorable retreat
Which in common English means
An ignominious defeat.

So,many thousand lives later,
Counting both enemy and friends,
For economic reasons
The conflict ends:
In the name of Allah
All will be excused,
And in the name of Allah
The same abused will be abused.

Fatherless children
Limbless veterans as well
Will be left with the aftermath
Of a politician driven hell.
Fathers and mothers
Partners and wives
Continue to grieve still after
Four hundred and forty four British lives.  

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444 Lives Later