I'll never be a salesman again.

I've broken nearly every vow
kept them secret don't know how
sometimes all I felt inside was shame,
knowing the good is all you see
all those years you've stood by me,
"I'll never be a salesman again".

I've cheated many times it's true
but I've always returned to you
in my heart I knew I couldn't leave,
when I'd come home you'd kiss my cheek
and ask me how I'd been that week.
"No I'll never be a salesman again".

Those towns were lined up like trees
one night I'd stay and then I'd leave
from my finger came the wedding ring,
then I'd find a bar and buy a drink
and if some girl should give a wink.
"Well I'll never be a salesman again".

I'll tell you this I sure did try
I missed your love and that's no lie
I thought of you all those days apart,
But the nights were long all alone
so far from you and away from home.
"A salesman's life I never want again".

So If you should change you're mind
come on back and forgive my crimes
I'll never go away and cause you pain,
I'll get a job just down the road
be home each night do like I'm told.
"And never sell another thing again".

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I`ll never be a salesman again.

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