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Awesome God

My God is an awesome God, I sit humbly at his feet
He rules over me simply said
His word's a lamp to me, my daily bread,
I shall alway eat
I can't help but bow when I see his love and the glory above
Victory is under his feet everywhere he tread
Who can stand in his presence in their own strength,
All of our ways are bent?
His forgiveness is a nightly pillow upon my bed
His finished every humble tear I shed
when I repent, I could never repay, eternity would be spent
His presence lights up the day and roams through the night
Glory and strength show up and the scavengers take flight
His works and power are well read, he's an awesome God
On the throne of every willing heart
He created the sinew in me, to him everything's bare
His glory and splendor make beauty surrender
Awesome beyond awesome in existence's sight
The energy in the pure light, who can compare
Or do what he has done?
A sweet well springing up into everlasting, so let the tears run
He's the life in all, if he doesn't prop me up in his uprightness
I will surely fall,
My God is an awesome God
ruling in every willing heart that's been reborn
He's the battle already won
He is my eyes he heard my cries and rescued me
when I was confused and blind,
Talked to my heart and soften that hard stance in my mind
When all had left me and there was no strength to set myself free
He made my path clear in purity, Awesome forever
Said in sincerity, a awesome God whom sits outside the times

Copyrights 2013
Robert Anthony James

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Awesome God