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Water colors were a special treat when I was a child
I loved the way they were dark but mixed with a little water
they became completely different light and airy

Water colors were my first love
as I grew older I was given my first set of oil paints
They were a great treasure to me

They became richer in color the longer I worked with them
If the mood was right they would glow in the light
but if I did not wait till they were dry the color became mud

 I learned much about patience from painting
As with everything in life
I had to learn when to put on another layer and when to stop


Look at the colors around you how many can you see or count
the basic colors are red blue and green
by mixing and blending these you get other hues

For example the color red can be lightened or darkened
Light is pink the color of a child's lips
Dark is the color of dried blood or a ruby or garnet ring

Take the color blue - count its many different hues
the sky the water and blue bells in Texas to name a few
my children's blue eyes shining with delight on Christmas morning

Look at the green leaves on the oak tree
Have you ever found a purple shamrock
Did your mother make you eat your orange Brussels sprouts


See the golden hues of autumn's grain
A yellow baby duck who swims in an aqua pond
See the yellow and white daffodils blooming in the early spring


I wonder if there are colors we can not see
If perhaps there are colors yet unnamed

How vivid will the colors be in heaven
Will they be the same shades as on earth

I think there we will see everything in more than a three dimensional view
I think we will be part of the beautiful colors there

©Kathy Collier  6 − 28 − 2013
All signed art ©Kathy Collier


Exodus 39:2     KJV
 And he made the ephod [of] gold, blue,
and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen.



"There is no blue without yellow and without orange." -- Vincent Van Gogh

Music:  Ernesto Cortazar - Autumn Rose

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