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written by S.C.Mitchell 

June 2013

Rage - is not a casual happening - that just happens
Overnight - but a progressive building up - of raw emotions -
Irritations - and offenses - jealousy - and petty blights -  
Demonic in its origin - but outworked in all its hatred -  
Fueled by Man's aggressive 
Might .

For some it is a means of power - to dominate and keep
Control - and - like a fiery undercurrent in its ruthless ire  - it 
Smoulders - boils - and overflows - 'til all are caught up in its
Outpour - and feel the heat of raw hell-fire - where there
Are no prisoners taken - burned up on the 
Heated bier .

Hellish workings of the Devil - to embroil the heart of man -
Who indulge in heated discourse - where their angry words 
Are fanned - there are only losers in such turmoil - Peace is
Banished like a mist - while the perpetrators
Relish - in the crossbow  - and 
The fist . 

When - oh when will mankind learn - that anger is a dangerous 
Foe - that works - not just against another - but the angry heart 
As well - as in all volcanic rumblings - which explode with 
Furious might - everything caught within its pathway - 
Perishes in its 
Fiery spite .

So today - I speak with passion - not in anger or in pride - but
To say with Truth's conviction - all the ragings - lay aside - ask 
The dear Lord - for His mercy - humbly seek His tender care - 
Forgiving those who may have harmed you - 
Letting go Revenge's 
Snare .

Then receive the Lord's forgiveness - and His Peace to still the 
Storm - and He'll help you in the battle - give you sanity and 
Calm - He will break the curse that holds you - in the iron 
Grip of fate - and He'll give you love and mercy - to 
Replace the bonds
Of Hate .

Peace will be your outer mantle - and your mind will stand the 
Test - when  the Hellfires are abated - then your thoughts
Will be at rest - no more will anger over-rule you - it will 
Cease from its destructive force - as you let the Lord of 
Life empower you - with His compassion - 
Love and Grace . 


Not all anger is an evil thing , but when directed at others fueled by 
hatred it is deadly and can never be constructive . 

Jesus had Righteous anger against those who oppressed the poor 
and needy , or who abused others for selfish gain , or who dishonoured
His Father's Temple , turning it into a market and a den of thieves . 

The anger I have written about , is when one or more people harm others 
by their terrible rage  that is out of control .

God is able to Deliver all caught in this trap if we turn to Him in true 
repentance ...because there is no sin He will not forgive if we are truly 
sorry  .

 If that is something you struggle with then ,
seek Him today , and be free ..

God bless you all 
Stella ><


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