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 ``BEYOND THE WILLOWS`` (Dedication)

Beyond willows lies
 a secret den
Where lovers lay
in a heavenly glen
Blooming wisteria
with its magic spell
Weaves the dreams
where young lovers dwell
Promises passed on
from ancestors above
Creates passion
for the honor of true love
Faith and Trust
to be passed from hand to hand
Must cover its glory
 as a vast canopy of the land


Beyond the willows
wise dreams are made
As young lovers lay
in its heavenly shade
Sharing knowledge and wisdom
of spirits gone by
To forever embed honor
of their ancestors in the sky

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``Enchantingly Yours``

Dedicated to Doris (countrypoet)
and Ish, (her one time Love of Earthly Life!)
May the Spirit of Eternal Life
Embrace Your Spiritual Union Until Reunited Once Again!


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