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The Eastern Gate iii - Finale

Elasticity of time allowed him this
One last visit to the Eastern Gate:
One too many wormholes navigated
Made it one hundred years too late.
The City had been sealed
And peace reigned over all
As the holograph of its history
Played against the City wall.

A half glanced form
A shadowed face
As the image moved
To another place
The people dispersed
To  Cities then newly grown
But the details of dispersion
Not recorded or known.
In his eyes he felt
The stinging of tears,
The paradox of warp travel,
The slowing of elapsed years,
Made him so much younger
Than his date of birth
A kind of compensation
For living divorced from Earth.
She was gone for ever
Now probably just bones
And, as in most his life
He felt so emotionally alone.

The Eastern Gate behind him,
 Homage having been made,
Regret reviewed and filed,
And last respects paid.
The holographed history
For him a type of hell,
His starship command waited
So he said his last farewell,

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The Eastern Gate iii - Finale