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School Photograph

The old school photograph
The last one before we scattered
Before we faced the world
And ended up world battered.

He joined the Air Force,
He went fishing deep sea,
She became a teacher
He a script writer for TV.
All this come from
Rumours I have heard
But of most of them
Not a single word.

There's the girl with the long hair
The one I admired from afar
She had a boyfriend
Who picked her up in his car.

I think of the age of that photo
Have to get it into my head
That's was so many years ago
So how many of us are dead?
Photographs are a blessing
Catching moments to treasure,
Filed safely away to be
Browsed at our leisure.

They are also traitors
For bringing back to mind
Those friends and good old days
Age has made us leave behind.

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School Photograph