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                          Ode to an Old Cowboy Poet named…Jack
Back when, there was an old Cowboy poet named Jack, he was known way back!
He rode the range in 1868, before the dreaded barbwire appeared on the open plains.
Longhorns, they were, by the hundreds grazing on the mighty grassland
 of Kansas territory. Indians, Oh, there were a few, they would take a couple
of cattle or a scalp or two, whichever came first, and sometimes both.
Jack used to say, “If you want to keep your scalp, then keep your powder
dry and sleep with only one eye!”
Now Jack knew all the song of the day and even wrote a few his way.
Poetry was really his due, he wrote about desperadoes, stampedes, rustlers,
bar fights, gun fights and fast women too. But he also wrote about the natural beauty
of the open plains, buffalo, antelope, black bear, wolves and coyotes, grouse, wild turkeys 
and even about the far off snow toped mountain range.
He’d write of the starry skies or the mighty storms that would sometime blow in from the west.        
Those were the days, when men were men and they would defend the principles they so strongly believed in.
Now Jack was a mild mannered man, and yes, a poet he was,
but those who would cross the old poet,
soon learned the hard way, that Jack was fast on the draw as a lightning bolt across the prairie sky.
Now, if you are ever on the prairie late at night and If you listen close…
you might hear the ghost of old Jack quietly reciting a Cowboy poem…

 “Off in the distance the dust and wind dance,
stirring visions of things that seem not to be true
wild horses on the run at first glance, unsure of what
the old west wind has blown in….”
Dedicated to my jungle buddy, Edwin {Jack} Smith
“The Old Cowboy Poet!”
Jackie R. Kays
{c} 7/16/13

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