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150th SMSD Anniversary

“150th SMSD Anniversary”
Written by Loi for September 22, 2003

After I graduated from SMSD in 2003,
There will be 150th SMSD anniversary
ESL Teacher, you have taught me everything in this school for free
But you never allow me to roam in school
Because you feel that I should show respect to 150th SMSD anniversary
Okay, fine. That's cool
Well, I did respect to 150th SMSD anniversary
Because I never roam in school with my overprotective teacher's aide
While I wore the hearing aid,
I could hear the deaf voice that is not funny
Because it can make the deaf voice a low grade
The deaf is not dumb
Unlikely in the past 150 years, the hearing teachers called deaf a dumb
This was what they thought and believed it
That's not true!
The deaf can be smart
And the deaf can do
You hearing people know it
They are not dumb
But they are going through
If you make them look stupid
Well, you know they can do
Now, we SMSD members are about to hit,
Happy 150th SMSD Anniversary!
See you in the next five years, 2008! Bye!