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Life Story # 14

There is a guy on the overpass in a wheel chair
Yelling and pumping his fist in the air
He looks like a man but is acting like a child
One would think he was crazy, his actions are wild
Kids point and laugh as they walk by
But he doesn't seem to care, not at all shy
Passing by you notice but only as an after thought
Maybe just a loony the police never caught
No one ever stops to talk to him but what if they did
What would be the story they would hear from this kid
Can he even hear, is he able to even talk
Was he born in that chair, has he ever walked
How would it effect you, would you be surprised
The only world he knows is what he can see with his eyes
He has never heard an engine roar, never drove a car
He use to take a bus to school but it wasn't very far
The doctor says he is really sick, but he doesn't know why
The day they took him out of school his grandma cried
She has been raising him ever since his parents died
He wanted to be a race car driver when he was a kid
His dad promised to take him to a race, but he never did
But he is practicing his cheering on the cars that go speeding by
Because in a few months grandma says there a big race in the sky
She says his seat is waiting, and since he is racing's biggest fan
They even have nice people there that will help him stand
So he doesn't want to let them down, he wants to do his best
Grandma says he was invited to be Jesus special guest
The things we take for granted. What would you do
If the story of this one life belonged to you
J. Moore

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Life Story # 14