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The Barque Truelove

There's a plaque and three busts
On the banks of the river Hull
Hinting at a tale
I'd like to tell in full.
She was built in Philadelphia
The last of her type made
A fine sailing barque
To follow the whaling trade.

In the war of independence
The English took her as a prize
ņnd it's in general trade
That her future lies.
On a trip from Baffin Island Captain
Parker took a native and his wife,
Rescued them from starvation
And nursed them back to life.

Once back in England
They were put on display
Part of a traveling show
Of the Eskimo way.
One year later
Returning to their native life
The ship was wracked by measles
And the man lost his wife.

Memiadluk  and Uckaluk
Were the couples names
And their tragic story
Became their claim to fame.
It's on the River Hull bank,
This plaque that hints at their tale,
And of the good ship Truelove
That was built to hunt the whale.

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The Barque Truelove