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Tunes Of Glory

I hear the Tunes of Glory
Hear the bagpipes swirl
See the troupe of dancers,
Kilts all a whirl.
At the back the castle rears
Atop Arthur's seat
As I make my way to Jenners
Where we used to meet,
Retracing the footsteps
Of our past walks
Recalling the words
Of our past talks.
Edinburgh in the Festival,
The City so full of life
But feelings of loneliness
Cut me like a butcher knife.
I must leave the City
I'm sure I'll be back again
But for the moment
I just don't know when.
Adieu to the dancers,
Kilts all awhirl ,
Adieu the Tunes of Glory
And the bagpipes' skirl.

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Tunes Of Glory