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and all to which they attach  (*  hold fast to life while you are able)

hold fast to your life
dreams blue skies
the warm-ness palpable in the air
someday you might
not be here
and you need the
remembering of it all
to sustain you.

close tight your eyes
and recall the color of
his, the twinkle-smile in them
his resonant snoring by your side
the rise and fall of each breath and
the pleasing tidal rushing of emotions.
memorizing it for the one day when
will have to sustain you.

curry and comb and care for
all the long-haired tresses of
plait them when they begin
to unravel unwind or fray.
treasure them more as they
turn grey.
your memories
and all to which
they attach you to.

grasping and gaining
waxing and waning

Copyright Sunday July 28, 2013 All Rights Reserved by this Author
Melissa A Howells Meloo from her Tilt-a-World

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