The Black & White Poet

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She screams in agony and heartbreak

While making phone calls repetitively 

Compulsive and elaborate text messages

Over cold coffee and nightmares at two AM

Her husband silently caresses her forehead 

After another day of baring the world's burdens


Playing rap music for cheap smiles,

Drowning the auditory hallucinations in my mind

I ride on the carousel of helplessness 

Burning my own anger, desperately trying to 

Put my own emotions away

For her. For him.

....They mean more than the world to me.


I push my own agendas aside 

And mistakenly curse my sister 

with sweat and tears

(Making matters worse)


I beg God for change. For movement,

But it seems so far (still). 

To witness this mourning continually 

Douses my own garden 


I can't bear these burdens any longer

Questions are left void with no sight of truth 

Lies are entangled with the weeds that 

Strangle the possibilities from my abilities 


I watch valuable, unconditional love 

Being rebuked and mistreated 

by somebody of the same flesh and blood 


The devils are all the same,

Convincing whats unreal to the vulnerable 

Sculpting illusions and crafting hallucinations

For another show 



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