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He made a promise
A promise that
He will wait for me
It's out of reach
But it pierces
My void
I turn away
his love
it's the burning kind
The hurting kind
I know how
to shut this out
I can hide here
In the dark
Safe and protected
I retreat
From the shadows
has he turns away
Like all the others
His light is bright
I wish his promise away
Surely I can
Will it away
Ignore it away
Push it
Hate it away
My soul is pleading
My heart begs
Hating the conflict
In my head
Fear and insecurity
Force me deeper inside
Yet he stands there
Not moving
Patient in his promise
Does he not understand
He does not belong here
This dark place
Is mine
The pain here
Is too great
he is not afraid
His spirit
His soul strong
His Promise meant
To save me
I fear
I can't be saved
he doesn't hear me
He wraps himself around me
Bathing me
In his love
I hear him whisper
do I hear him
Or do I dream it
He tells me
Not to be afraid
Or do I only
Feel it
Do I trust
What I know
To protect me
Or that he will
This confusion
Is maddening
I have always
Known the darkness
And it has known me
Always known
This fear
And how to hide
But where
Do I run now
Wherever I go
He is there
Where do you go
When there is nowhere
Crawl further inside
Or trust his promise
His whispers
His constant

Melody Clark
Copyrights©July 15,2011

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