The Poetic Diary of Loi

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Verse to Rhyme

“Dedicated to all the poets”-Loi

“Verse to Rhyme”
Written by Loi in 2004, 2008
And revised by Loi in 2013 for October 6, 2003

The poets use their own verse to rhyme
For writing real or imagination
They have fun time to write…
That is right

The poets write their own form
They can play the music
And they can sing along
With their poems
That is nothing does wrong

The poets can put a language on their poems
But the Christian poets do not put it
The poets write each verse, line, and rhyme
Everyone love to hear the verse to rhyme

The poets can make up a verse to rhyme
They are making the book like the Bible
The poetess can write a beautiful poetry
The male poet can write a handsome poetry, too

The poets have all they do is to write each verse
Like a paragraph
They can make the story as haibun
They write a prose like a haibun

In each time the poets write the verses
They can make their poetry be popular
And see how win they can in the poetry contest

The verse to rhyme is yours, readers.