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Lord Have Mercy On Us

O Lord have mercy on us, a proud and arrogance nation.
The leaders have let the dogs in and they have come and
eaten us up in sin. We are drowning in our own vomit,
The rejection from our own stomachs
We walk on invisible graves we know not of.
They have prepared the caves from above.
Let my rings plead with thee where the red rivers flow
Look on us in mercy oh Lord, or our nation will be no more.
The evil have consumed our eyes, the destruction awaits,
The seller of souls is compressing us round about with lies.
Our hands have picked fruits from the devil's field.
I can hardly express myself in this guilty appeal
I know you're a God that sees tears and understands our sigh
Have mercy on our souls, we have grown bold,
We have grown cold, we see no more need for thee
But I know in the processing of the times we shall be
made to see what we have brought upon ourselves.
God is truth and every man's a lie God is truth and every man's a lie
See our great need for thee before we all die
In Jesus name I pray, and so be it

Copyrights 2013
Robert Anthony James

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Lord Have Mercy On Us